Helping Entrepreneurs have WHOLE lives they LOVE - and are EXCITED about!!




I am a Speaker and a Coach.  I help Service based Entrepreneurs improve communication and time management skills so they can have MORE MONEY, BETTER RELATIONSHIPS and MORE TIME for what they want to do!

I was the poster child for "you have to get good grades in school so I can get into a good college, so I could get a great job, so I can work really hard... and have my great life later".  I was a successful CFO working and living in Manhattan, making a good salary, was good and what I did... and I wasn't happy.  I would hit snooze multiple times every morning, drag myself to the office and got through my days living for my next holiday or vacation.  Can you relate to me?  I played a key role in that company's acquisition to a publicly traded company and put myself out of work.  I took the opportunity to start my own company with a friend making and designing jewelry.  I loved it and had so much fun!!  I've learned I can love what I do, make money while feeling fulfilled and have my Great Life NOW... NOT sometime LATER!  My passion is helping my clients have that too.        

Coaches are not just for achievement in Athletics.  You can choose to Do-It-Yourself, or you can choose to work with me and achieve profound and lasting results in a fraction of the time.  Often our biggest obstacles are ourselves and I help you get out of your way.  Sometimes it's challenges with your Personal life and sometimes it's your Business and I have the skills to help with both!

I am your collaborative partner, mentor and accountability partner to help you achieve new levels of Satisfaction and Fulfillment.


How I Can

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We work together to discover your goals and create a simple and realistic plan to achieve them. I work with you to have harmony with your Personal life and and in your B...
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